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Institut Esthederm is one of the world’s leading beauty experts since 1978. Institute Esthederm research laboratories have been inspired by the skin’s natural resources to formulate personalized skin care that “re-educates” the skin, preserves its balance and adapts it to its environment. With scientifically-proven performance, immediate and long lasting results for more beautiful and radiant that that reveals it’s youthfulness potential day after day.

Award Winning Products

Eau Celullar Mist

Visit the Spa Boutique at Serenity Spa for the best in beauty innovation, including ELLE Canada Grand Prix Beaute 2020 winner Eau Cellular Mist. Developed to replenish dehydrated skin through a balance of mineral salts and trace elements, Eau Celluar boosts hydration and visibly protects skins youthfulness.


Intensive Propolis+

Start the new year with a clean slate thanks to the 2020 Prix Innovation Award Winning Intensive Propolis+ skin care products. Featuring super agents like Kaolin, Ferulic Acid, and Salicylic Acid, this lineup fights imperfections and helps to even skin tone.

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