Yoga doesn’t have the same effects on the physical body as weight training, but with consistent practice you can develop a powerful strength with long, lean muscles. Lifting weights will help build larger, bulkier muscles, but yoga provides a long-lasting physical strength that lends itself to everyday living. It helps to build a natural body awareness and grace that allow you to prevent small, accidental injuries.


The practice of yoga teaches you how to breathe calmly and intentionally through even the toughest of postures. Through this mindful training your body relearns how to process cortisol, the hormone released during stressful situations. By enabling your body to better deal with stress, your overall sense of wellbeing is increased.


Being able to touch your toes may seem like a laughable goal when you’re young and fitness comes easily. Practicing yoga helps todevelop flexibilityto touch your toes now, so that you have the ability to continue to put on your socks and shoes – and perform many other daily activities – as your body ages naturally.

Digestive Balance

Developing a daily practice that moves your body around is essential. Digestive issues are common in individuals who lead a sedentary lifestyle, causing many tangential issues throughout life. The postures of yoga activate large muscle groups which, in turn, activate smaller muscle groups and massage internal organs tostimulate the movement of blood, washing away stagnant toxins.

Emotional Balance

Physical activity, even in the gentlest forms of yoga, enhances your life by releasing neurotransmitters called endorphins. The benefits of this natural endorphin release include triggering a general positive feeling in the body, along with a reduction in the perception of pain and frustration.

Long term, the physical practice of yoga will enhance your mood, your health and increase your life span. What’s not to love about those benefits?

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